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Synapse Information Resources, Inc., owned and operated by Michael and Irene Ash and located in Endicott, New York, was established in 1981 and serves to provide the Chemical Industry with timely, integrated access to thousands of chemical manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of chemicals.
Synapse maintains an in house trade name and chemical database that is continuously revitalized by gathering information from chemical manufacturers, researching chemicals in reference books and databases, and investigating new products and companies in numerous industrial and chemical trade journals.
The collected material is then put through a rigorous filtering process that results in the uniform storage of product data so that the comparison of information from the multitude of chemical manufacturers worldwide is made accessible through carefully designed reference books and software.
Synapse’s products will help you find the information you need to carry on your important decision making activities.
Synapse Information Resources, Inc.
1247 Taft Avenue, Endicott, New York 13760
Toll-free 1-888-SYNCHEM (796-2436) | 607-748-4145 | Fax 607-786-3966

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